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Andy Bates

Dr. Andy Bates

Why Choose Gargrave Road Dental Practice?
Gargrave Road Dental Practice is a small independent Dental Practice owned and run by the Principal Dentist, Dr Andy Bates, since 1994. We believe that people get the best dental care when they build a relationship with the same dentist over many years.

At the heart of the Practice is a close friendly team, dedicated to the care of our patients.

Being a purely private dental practice, we have complete control over the number of patients we provide care for. This means that we never have to be so busy that a patient with a dental problem cannot be seen very quickly. Often a patient will be seen on the same day within hours of contacting us.

Our treatment philosophy is very much based on a ‘Minimal Intervention’ approach. This involves preserving as much natural tooth as possible, by using preventative techniques. If treatment becomes necessary then we use modern tooth-coloured bonded materials that keep tooth damage to a minimum.

We also appreciate that how your smile looks is also very important. There are many ‘minimal intervention’ cosmetic treatment options that improve the smile with little or no tooth damage. These include tooth whitening, composite bonding techniques and moving teeth by orthodontics.

All aspects of routine dentistry are provided here at the practice, with fast and reliable referral network to experts in Implants, Oral Surgery and reconstructive dentistry.

Gargrave Road Dental Practice Staff

Gargrave Road Dental Practice Staff

Jane and Lisa are our two very experienced dental hygienists. The role of the dental hygienist is to provide care and attention to the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. Plaque and tartar is a very complex matrix of protein and bacteria that builds up on your teeth. This biofilm not only causes localised problems of inflammation and destruction of the bony support but has also been associated with other medical problems like diabetes and even heart problems. Jane and Lisa will regularly remove this biofilm, as well as educate patients in how to keep the build-up to a minimum between visits. Intervals between hygienist visits are assessed for each patient depending on need.

Dental Care For Your Children
If your children reach adulthood with no or few fillings, then a lifetime of good dental health is ahead of them. Choosing the private care available at Gargrave Road Dental Practice will give them the best possible chance of achieving this.

Using the Denplan for Children & Young Adults scheme we can keep the costs as affordable as possible – please see childrens services.