Gargrave Road Dental Practice 2019 Fee Guide

The range of treatments on offer at the Practice is considerable. The following fees are intended as a guide to our price levels.

The most appropriate treatment for you will be discussed with you by your dentist. Fees may vary due to materials used or if the process is more/less complex than expected. You will be given a written estimate of the costs involved in your treatment.

• Initial Examination (Inc X-Rays): 

• Initial Checkup (Children):



• Routine Examination: £69.00
• Cleaning:  
At check up, with dentist: £67.00
At check up, with hygeinist: £76.00
Hygienist visit: £95.00
• Fillings:  
Amalgam (Silver) from: £104.00
Composite (White front teeth) from: £101.00
Composite (White back teeth) from: £129.00
• Root Fillings  
Front Teeth: £265.00
Back Teeth: £470.00
• Crowns and Bridges – many types from: £420.00
• Dentures:  
Full Acrylic from: £1049.00
Partial Acrylic from: £437.00
Metal based from: £796.00
• Extractions: £141.00
• Out of Hours call out fee: £131.00
• Treatment of Gum Disease:  
A course of 5 hygienist visits to chart and treat gum problems: £475.00
• Tooth Whitening:  
Single Tooth: £165.00
Single Arch: £190.00
Whole Mouth: £380.00

Denplan Logo
Denplan is a way of paying for your dental care monthly. We have information on the scheme in the practice, and our staff can answer any questions you may have on it.

The current fee groups at this practice are:

Adult Child
A. £24.00 0 – 4 years £7.10
B. £31.00 5 – 7 years £11.00
C. £38.00 8 – 15 years (low need) £14.70
D. £49.00 16 – 18 years (low need) £18.40
E. £58.00 16 – 18 years (high need) £22.60

To join Denplan, you must be dentally fit, i.e. all treatment detailed in your initial assessment must be completed and paid for.

The monthly payment will cover all future routine dental treatment at this practice, and an insurance component of the scheme will cover any emergencies, or call out fees locally, nationwide, or abroad.

Denplan does not cover cosmetic treatment, technicians fees (if you need a new denture or crown, you will have to pay the technicians fee for making it – your dentist will give you a rough idea of the cost) or private hospital care for dental problems (eg. wisdom tooth removal).